openFrameworks-0.04-Python Live Coding POC Reloaded

December 12th, 2008 · No Comments · Creative Coding

Recently I presented the openFrameworks-Python live coding proof of concept on this blog. Unfortunately, the first version was quite unstable, because code changes introducing syntax errors would crash the running application framework.

This has now been solved as suggested by Maddi with an exception handling block. That is, as soon as has syntax errors in it, the draw code’s exception is caught by the Python code in Rendering stops under this condition, but does not crash the framework. What is more the type of exception is outputted on stdout. As soon as the error is corrected, rendering is automatically resumed.

Unfortunately stderr is still redirected to nirvana inside the overridden functions called by the openframeworks library. I appreciate any suggestions on this issue.

» Download openFrameworks-0.04-Python Live Coding POC

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